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Item NoPicturesFound byVariant description and status
2022-04 manuimi (SP) UNDER INVESTIGATION: The sheets of Yoda's clothes are clearly darker in set 75330 in comparison with SW0906. Update: bought one for comparison.
2022-03 manuimi (SP) CONFIRMED: I have found the variant of the Stormtrooper with black chest plate in keychain format.
2022-02 manuimi (SP) CONFIRMED: A variant or misprint of The Inquisitor sw0622 has been found. There seems to be a few batches with the inverted black-silver leg print.
2022-01 Admin (NL) CONFIRMED: 75321 Mandalorian flamethrower print:  75299, 75319 upper square   75321 middel square
2021-02 manumi (SP) UNDER INVESTIGATION: In this variant the dome does not have a silver print, it is only blue and white. "From what I have spoken with several colleagues, it seems to be a very common variant."
2021-01 manumi (SP) CONFIRMED: The difference is in the impression of the breast, it is much smaller. Found several for sale on eBay.
2020-10 Paulo (PT) NOT FOUND: The new Stormtrooper keychain # 853946 comes with both gray squares and black squares on the helmet.

UPDATE 2022/04: I have not found one on eBay...
2020-09 Thomas (DK) CONFIRMED: The Boba Fett from watch set #9003370 differs from other variants (beard, color of the armor, size of the badge, etc). UPDATE 2022/04: Regular and watch set fig differ from magnet variant.
2020-08 manumi (SP) CONFIRMED: Clone Wars Dooku (sw0224) found with a dark gray beard. Several found on eBay (US).
2020-07 Admin (NL) CONFIRMED: Clone Pilot from the magnet set has white harnas clasps. On the torso of the original they are gray.
2020-06 Admin (NL) CONFIRMED: The Anakin minifigure from the magnet set has a light brown belt and a larger emblem on his torso.
2020-05 Mark Bennett (UK) CONFIRMED: Qi'Ra variant - back of the torso printed with the black back torso pattern of Yoda. Several found in the US in sealed sets.
2020-04 manumi (SP) CONFIRMED: Jannah variant - glove covered hand on the left or on the right hand. Several found (straight from the set).
2020-03 Mark Bennett (UK) CONFIRMED: Early Commander Fox minifigure does not have grey print on his stomach. Box art shows this version. Several pictures found.
2020-02 Mark Bennett (UK) CONFIRMED: Variant print on the back of the torso of the shadow stormtrooper sw0166.
2020-01 FreakyPriest (D) CONFIRMED: Boushh (Leia) variant - has one that has a reddish brown top of the helmet and another one seems to be dark brown.
2019-05 Thomas (DK) NO VARIANT: Windu in LEGO SW magazine nov 19 seems to have green coulors. Was the result of a poor picture / reflection of the light.
2019-04 ww.lal (NL) PICTURE WANTED: Leia sw0085 variant - has one with extra stripes on the stomach. Found one, but what looked like a print were small hairline fractures.
2019-03 manumi (SP) PICTURE WANTED: Vader sw0004 variant - torso colors are inverted (silver gray vs normal gray). More than one found.
2019-02 Wim (NL) MISPRINT: Luke sw0176 variant - torso only has two black lines and no gray lines.
2019-01 manumi (SP), lvassa (AU) CONFIRMED: Tarrful variant - finer print and color difference of figure in set 75233.
2018-05 @lswfanpage NOT FOUND: Anakin sw0820 variant - Rebel Ground Crew minifigure found with a Cassian torso print. Not found on eBay after two year search.
2018-04 manumi (SP) NOT FOUND: Anakin sw0120 variant - variant with lighter brown eyebrows. Click this link for an example (and ignore the misprint).
2018-03 manumi (SP) NOT FOUND: FO Walker Driver sw0869 variant - differences in the lines on the helmet. Bought one to take a closer look.
2018-02 manumi (SP) CONFIRMED: Vader variant - vader minifigure (sw209) that has the torso with 12 points and head 3626bpb0310.
2018-01 Michael (D), Ryan (US) CONFIRMED: Ahsoka variant - the torso print on the left is higher, the face print is lower...
2017-02 sensaformagio (NL) NOT FOUND: JEK14 variant - white head but without the lightning pattern
2017-01 Ryan Cooper (US) NOT FOUND: Dengar variant - several tan headed Dengar minifigures found on eBay by Ryan.

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