Magna Guard
  advanced droid bodyguard

Magna Guard
species: droid
homeworld: unknown
affiliation: Separatist
category: battle droid and pilot - Porax-38 Starfighter
weapon: electrostaff
films I   II  III  S  RO  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX 
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Star Wars databank: no reference
Wookieepedia: IG-100 Magna Guard and Porax-38 Starfighter
remark: served as General Grievous bodyguards
Brickipedia: Magna Guard
BrickLink: sw0190 - inv
version | variant: 7673 - one version
feature: combined head and cape
first release: 2008
weapon: electrostaff - blueish gray bar, trans purple cones
remark: called "Magna Droid" on the box art of set 7673
LEGO set: 7673 - Magna Guard Starfighter
  7752 - Count Dookus Solar Sailer
SW Minifigs Notes
Minifigure was named "Magna Droid" on the box art of set 7673 (left picture) and "MagnaGuard" on the box art of set 7752 (right picture). - see the minifigure decision tree for more information