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manumi | SP | 2022.09.25
Hi, friend. I've been looking at figure sw0548a, and your figure has the solid black pauldron. However in all the reviews I have checked, the pauldron is painted with gray lines. Which one is correct?
RE: The one with the grey lines!! My pauldron was inside out. Changed it and made new pictures. Incredible find manumi!! Thanx!!

Rob | UK | 2022.08.29
Hi, I’ve been collecting Lego Star Wars mini figures for over 20 years and I’m looking for a forum to share information, thoughts and my hobby with. Do you know of an active one for collectors?
RE: Hi Rob, there are several. You can try the Star Wars forum of Eurobricks, or the LEGO SW section of Reddit, but feel free to share new finds over here :o)

manumi | SP | 2022.07.19
Here again, I have located a variant of fig sw0507. The usual includes orange beard. I have in my possession that head with a brown beard. Photos on my IG @manubryck
RE: Hi manumi, thanx for sharing! Tried to buy it, but keep getting the one with the orange beard...

manumi | SP | 2022.06.10
Hello friends. Today I opened set 75330, and my surprise when comparing Yoda, with sw0906, is that the sheets of clothes are clearly darker in set 75330. Is it an error in my figure, or is it common in all new yodas?
RE: Hi manumi, I think all Yoda's have a darker print than sw0906. I found several on eBay (but pictures can be deceiving). I bought one of them to compare it with mine. To be continued...

manumi | SP | 2022.04.07
hello friend, I have found the variant of the stormtrooper with black chest plate, in keychain format, unaware of its existence...
RE: Nice find manumi.... another one to add to the variant finder page. And this one will be even harder to find than the non keychain variant :o)

OB1 KnoB | FR | 2022.04.13
Hello, here are just some small details you can correct or add to your amazing site:
- On the Padawan Girl (sw0517a), the link to Bene is leading to an Ewok (Stemzee) ✓
- For the Imperial Emigration Officer (sw0912), her name is Zuzanu Latt and not Zuzana Latt ✓
- Sandtrooper (sw0364) could easily be Captain Mod Terrik (orange pauldron) ✗
- Sandtrooper (sw0383) is the traitor called Davin Felth (white pauldron) ✓
- The turquoise Astromech (sw1052) is finally identified in the new LSW game The Skywalker Saga: K3-R1 ✓
- The Naboo Security Officer (sw0638) has a similar face and outfit to Jerus Jannick ✓
- The Naboo Pilot (sw0641) could be Lutin Hollis (who is the dad of Reye Hollis a rebel on Hoth) ✓
- The A-Wing Pilot (sw0819) could be Jake Farell ✗
- The Gonk Droid with arms (sw1041) is heavily inspired by WG-22 from the Solo movie ✓
- The Treadwell Droid (sw0550) is WED-15-ST68 ✓

That is all for today :) !
RE: Hi OB1, thank you so much! This is really helpful!! Made - a lot of - changes :o) By the way: sw1041 has a close resemblance to WG-22.

Tim | England | 2022.04.07
Just wanted to say how great this site is! It must have taken ages to put together. Thank you. I've been collecting Lego Star Wars minifigures for 7 years and have about 1,100 - not too far off the lot, though there are still some hard ones to find. It's a little out of date but my website is if you're interested. If you're thinking of branching out, perhaps do a page on customs? There are so many out there now (e.g. Kamino Bricks, Big Kid Brix, Firestar Toys etc).
RE: Hi Tim, thank you for visiting and leaving this kind feedback! It is always nice to see how other enthousiasts display their collection. Nice display in the staircase! And no, I am not branching out; I have my hands full with production figs alone :o)

FARLANDER | SP | 2022.04.03
Please, we want the page of your favorite minifigs...again.;-) have you consider add it to the sitemap?
RE: Again? :o) There is a link on the sitemap for some time now: under "type" and then "my favorites". Enjoy!!
Here is the link to the my favorites page.

Anton G | unknown | 2022.03.22
Please find pics of my Jek-14 white head variation.
RE: Thanx for sharing Anton! Where did you find the white helmet / white face (SW0571)? As far as I know only the first release (SW0475) came with a white head variant...

manumi | SP | 2022.03.07
Hello friends, a long time without passing by here. It seems that I have found a variant-error or whatever we want to call it. It is from the figure of The Inquisitor sw0622. There seems to be a few batches with the inverted black-silver leg print. It's posted on my IG @manubryck. A colleague told me about it, and it didn't take me long to locate it, so I imagine there are several on the market.
RE: Hi manumi, nice find! Thanx for leaving this message. I have added this find to the variant finder page...
The hunt is on :o).

Noppe | unknown | 2022.02.14
For the figure sw0627: It looks like the print is on the left arm. Isn't it? I admire your work, thank you!
RE: My right! Haha, thanx Noppe, nice find! It is.

Miquel G | CL | 2022.01.18
The body of the female pilot of the AT AT UCS does not correspond to that of the set, appears to be the body of the AT-AT microfighter pilot. Congratulations for your work friends.
RE: Thanx for the heads up Miguel!! Good eye! One of the pictures had the wrong code. Made some changes!

Matt | US | 2021.12.31
I had a few questions for you about minifig variants - especially the ones that are not on Bricklink. For example, sw0053 indicates that there was a variant without facial hair. First, I am curious how you know that? Is it a fig that you personally opened from a set or just one you were able to find from someone else? Do you think it was a printing mistake or an intentional variant? As a minifigure collected, I am also curious to know how you can buy one without the facial hair?
RE: Hi Matt, sorry for the late response. I consider these kind of minifigures a variant if at least several of them can be found preferably around the time they are released and in sealed boxes but also on eBay at a later time. Most of the time variants like SW0053 are brought to my attention by fellow collectors. The later a variant is found, the harder it is to verify and/or buying it. This takes a lot of asking around, searching in forums or sometimes a years long search on for example eBay. I have a special page for this 'quest'. And in the end it is up to you if you find a fig a variant or not 😀

Bohdan | Ukraine | 2021.12.29
Chewbacca in goggles from "Solo" is not added to anthology page, yet his own page has link to anthology page.
RE: Hi Bohdan, thanx for leaving a message. Although both SW0922 and SW0948 (Chewie with goggles) appear in the anthology series, only one of them is shown on the anthology page. This is the way this website is set up. Chewbacca is in the anthology series, but there are not two Chewbacca's in the series. The same goes for Beckett and many others.

manumi | SP | 2021.12.09
Hi, friend. I have come across another "variant". From what I have spoken with several colleagues, it seems to be a very common variant, and I was surprised that it was not in your collection. Specifically, it is the figure SW0028. The dome does not have a silver print, it is only blue and white. If you want to see it I upload it to instagram. There must be a print run without the silver color, and a run with faulty paint that comes off easily, I'll keep it in my collection. one more šŸ¤¦
RE: I will add it to the variant finder page and have a look... thanx!

Tifflor | DE | 2021.12.03
RE Message 2021.11.24: Of course I can wait for it ;-) Many thanks... and for your family and you "Mary Xmas" and a "Happy new year" Bye - Tifflor
RE: Ho Ho Ho !!

Kapzsi | unknown | 2021.11.25
Sorry for bothering you but Ive noticed some errors regarding the figures.
- Your Fennec Shand figure has the Cara Dune headpiece.
- Your Clone Wars season 7 Ahsoka is after rebels Ahsoka, but thats chronologically incorrect since Ahsoka is a lot older in Rebels.
- The Gar Saxon and Mandalorian Loyalist figures should not on the Mandalorian series page because they never appear in the Mandalorian show, they are from clone wars and they are from a Clone Wars set.
RE: Hi Kapzsi, thanx for leaving a message! I am sad about the Shand head. I bought that figure for quit a lot of money and I didn't notice it was the Cara head... Have to change that. You are right about the order of the Ashoka figures, Saxon and the loyalist. Made some changes. Thanx for helping to keep this website accurate.

Tifflor | DE | 2021.11.24
First of all - many thanks for your excellent work. We love it. Can you tell us, when you update the catagory "sets with minifigures". Since many weeks its always the same board without any updates. Thanks a lot and good luck.
RE: Thanx Tifflor! And in answer to your question: I haven't updated that page in some time.... I just forgot :o) Added the missing set numbers. The pages with the set information are updated once or twice a year. So that will be next month. Hope you can wait that long ;o)

manumi | SP | 2021.11.11
The head of the snow commander in set 75313 is 3626cpb1257 or not?
RE: Yes, I think it is. But for example in the Hoth Bricks review and the Brick Fanatics review they used another head.

UPDATE 2021.11.16: CapnRex101 from BrickSet confirmed this is indeed the minifigs head.

Admin | NL | 2021.11.11
Reviews of set 75313 show the Snowtrooper Commander with different heads. Can someone confirm which head is shown in the building instruction?
CapnRex101 from BrickSet confirmed BrickLink item 3626cpb1257 is the Commanders head.

manumi | SP | 2021.11.10
Hi friends,
It seems that I have found another variant - version of the figure of the shadow trooper sw0166. Specifically, due to the printing on the back, it would be a variant of the sw0166a version. The difference is in the impression of the breast, it is much smaller. You can see photo in my insta@manubryck
RE: Nice find manumi... !! And thanx for sharing.I will add it to the variant finder page and the database as soon as I get one... Click here for the variant finder page.

SpanishSoldier | NL | 2021.10.26
So I have been looking in my own minifigures and saw a captain jag that I used to get in a magnet set along with a kit fisto and Barris Offee. Could you please add those 3 together as a magnet set. You can easily find it on Google so you know which one I mean.
RE: Hi SpanishSoldier, this set is already on the magnet sets page. I had two different pages for these sets. I have now combined them so they are easier to find. Thanx for leaving a comment!

ThomasDK | DK | 2021.10.12
Hi again, I see you already got Luke with milk ;) Where did you get that one, if one might ask?
RE: Hi Thomas, I bought it on eBay in april this year from a seller in D. Since then I have never seen another.

OB1 KnoB | FR | 2021.10.03
I think the Senate Commando Captain from Cad Bane's Speeder (sw0288) is expexted to be Jayfon and not Captain Argyus. Otherwise, sw0613 could possibly be Argyus anyway.
RE: Looking at the armor print and the fact that SW0288 is included in the Cad Banes set I think you are right OB1 KnoB. Thanx!!

OB1 KnoB | FR | 2021.08.13
Here are some names that could be added to the "close resemblance to" section.
- Naboo Officer (sw0638) has a similar face as Kerus Jannick.
- Gonk Droid (sw1111) is surely EG-127, because he's a Resistance GNK Power Droid from the Black Spire Outpost
  on Batuu. He also share the same color (sand green) and the same antenna.
- Gonk Droid (sw1153) is Gonky from the Bad Batch.
- Final Order Sith Trooper (sw1065) could be ST-I4191.
- Final Order Sith Jet Trooper (sw1075) could be ST-A1215.
- Final Order Officer (sw1076) is Lieutenant Milon Lenwith.
- First Order Crew (sw0671) could be Brun Obatsun (as he appears in Ep VIII sets like the FO Specialists BP 75197).
- Emperors Royal Guard could be Myn Kyneugh.
RE: Thanx OB1 KnoB!! Made some changes.

SpanishSoldier | NL | 2021.08.11
Wonderful website which has helped me a lot to make an inventory list and file of all the Lego Star Wars minifigures I own since my childhood. I have been reading a remark on the figure 'Arc Trooper' which states that the figure resemblances Commander Cole. However, the figure is (nearly) an exact copy of Commander Hammer of Rancor Battalion as seen on star wars the clone wars.
Keep on the great work and please update the website on time when new figures release!
RE: Thanx Spanish Soldier! And I think you are right about CDR Hammer. Made some changes!

Dundee Trooper | UK | 2021.06.01
Just to tell you that the new Yoda is SW1147 not SW1144 :)
- Alex
RE: Ha, thanx Alex. Made some changes.

Lukas | A | 2021.06.01
Hello there! Your website is amazing, but I noticed you are missing a magnet set, 853419. It includes Death Star Sidious from 2008, Hoth Luke from 2010 and (I suspect) General Veers from 2010. Kind regards, Lukas
RE: Thank you Lucas! Added the magnet set to the database and will add some more... there should be about 15 of them...

manumi | SP | 2021.05.03
Thank you very much for your photos.
I also found this figure, and also in my figure the print is thicker than in the box art.
RE: You are welcome manumi!

UPDATE 2021.07: found another one that has a finer print on the torso (like the box art)

manumi | SP | 2021.04.27
Hi friend.
I have already seen that you have added the Commander Fox variant to your collection, congratulations!
It would be interesting if we could see it without pauldron, to see the differences between the two figures.
Thank you
RE: Hi manumi, just added zoom boxes for the Fox figures so you can better compare the print on the torso. Notice that the figure on the box art has an even finer print.

manumi | SP | 2021.01.02
hello friends first of all happy new year 2021.
just comment that since the last modification of the web, when I try to visualize all the figures, a "more" button appears. If I try to press it, instead of showing the rest of the figures, I always get into the figure of lando calrisian. It only happens to me from the mobile ... I don't know if I'm the only one :-(
RE: Hi Manumi, fixed it! Thanx for letting me know.

Paulo | PT | 2020.11.17
Hello friends.
I'm writing you because I don't see it on your database and I wanted to ask you, a few months ago I bought the 853946 keychain directly from legoshop and it comes with the back of the helmet, with the black squares.
Could it be considered a version, or is it the same as yours?

a greeting
Hi Paulo, this is a variant of the key chain figure with the gray squares on the helmet. Thanx for this comment!

FARLANDER | SP | 2020.11.10
Please update
SW0971 Luke Skywalker. Currently also appears at 75294 and 912065(SW magazine).
Great job!!!
I know FARLANDER, I have some catching up to do with the set information. I last updated the sets in 2019 :o)

Manuel B | D | 2020.8.6
Hi, nice to see you include so many of my suggestions in the website. These should be the last ones for now:
14.The old wookiee warrior resembles King Grakchawwaa more than Tarfful.
15.Black trousers Ugnaught=Hapnix
16.Negas is just an acronym for the New essential guide to Alien species, the skiff guard is "Unidentified Weequay skiff master" on Wookieepedia
17.Cloud Car Pilot=Jell Spiel (the other guy in TESB has a mustache)
18.Endor rebel with goatee could be Judder Page (Match for both face and torso)
19. Kessel Mine Worker's afilliation is Mining Guild, not Pykes. Could be Yorsh Manted
20. Death Star personnel sw0775=Moradmin Bast (maybe)
Thanx again Manual B!! Made some changes.

Manuel B | D | 2020.7.27
Some more...
6.Goss Toowers' (Resistance ground crew) species is called Shozer
7. Boolio's species is Ovissian and his homeworld Sinta IV
8.Aurra Sing's species in canon is now called Palliduvan
9.My best try for identifying the 4 newer Jawas based on similarity, sets they appear in and relevance is Nebit for sw0896, Pachwenko for sw0897, Dathcha for sw0590 and Enjikket for sw0560.
10. Based on pictures the crossed bandoliers Tusken resembles URoRRuR'R'R and the single bandolier one RRĆ­uruurrr.
11.I think set 75019 should be marked as Episode II and not CW as it includes Coleman and is Battle of Geonosis based. The included Clone Commander closely resembles CT-411 Ponds in his AOTC armour.
12. I agree with the Grey squadron pilot being Grey Leader, but his name is Horton Salm, not Kedin Yuru in ROTJ
13.The sand coloured rebel ground crew sw0820 is very likely based on s'Too Vees.
Wow Manual B, you've put some effort into this... Thanx for sharing.

Manuel B | D | 2020.7.27
Just a few more resemblance remarks:
1.If the unnamed Ewok warrior is someone from ROTJ, it would be Stemzee based on fur and coat colour.
2.As the Padawan girl is supposed to be related to Yoda chronicles, she should be Bene.
3. The Imperial ground Crew from 75154/75184 is being identified as Kent Deezling on some websites including bricklink (the guy who gets his uniform stolen by Jyn).
4.The Imperial emigration officer should be Zuzanu Latt.
5.The Nikto guard closely resembles Puko Naga (The link to Unidentified Nikto Guard doesn't work anymore)
Thanx Manuel B, made some changes.

OB1 KnoB | FR | 2020.7.23
Here are some names that could be added to the "close resemblance to" section.

- Naboo Security Guard (from 75091) : Tobias Pall
- Neimoidian Warrior (from 75041) : Gap Nox
- Gamorrean Guard (from 9516) : Gartogg
<- Gamorrean Guard (from 75005) : Jubnuk
- First Order Crew (from 75132) : Officer Sumistu

For the next wave :
- Sand-green GNK "Gonk" Power Droid (from Resistance I-TS Transport 75293) : 16-SK
Thanx OB1 KnoB! I will add the information to the database.

Manuel B | D | 2020.7.16
For the Mon Calamari engineer/officer minifigure, there could be made a remark "Resembles Haash'n" with the wookieepedia link as his outfit is clearly based on him and it also fits with the Home 1 set and his role as an engineer.
Thank you for sharing this Manuel B! Made some changes.

Mark Bennett | none | 2020.7.6
I have never known of a print on wrong colour head being found in a set before. From what I know they have been tossed into the batch of the correct colour heads to be printed and then fished out by employees who then sell them on the open market. Same goes for all the torsos that are printed on wrong colour torsos 2009-2013.
However some wrong colour torsos do make It into sets like the Tan Cassian , Black Luke, white Han and Light Blue FO tie pilot. These I have only seen one of.

MRk Bennett | UK | 2020.7.5
With regards to the QiĆ­ra variant/ misprint. I was the one who first spotted this and I can tell you that it did appear in dozens of sealed sets. All of them were found in the USA. I searched for a few months on eBay and BL and obtained 12 . These were all from sealed sets. The seller on ebay found his through Brickowl. We submitted it to BrickLink for approval but was declined unless it appears in other sets. As a misprint collector it does lean towards a misprint for me however from a collectibility point of view also a variant.
As for the Dengar heads these are also misprints in that they are printed on wrong colour parts, same for all of them.. Han, Tolsite, Qui-gon, Jek, kithaba, umbaran etc.👍
Hi Mark, nice to read from you. I also found the Qi Ra variant on US eBay sellers. Good to know they did come in sealed sets. Knowing this I will qualify it as a variant. Are all wrong coloured heads found in sealed sets to?

ThomasDK | DK | 2020.6.24
Regarding the Yoda back print on Qui'ra - Bricklink seems to confirm this as a misprint and not a variant. They have pictures of both.
Thanx ThomasDK!

manumi | SP | 2020.6.16
Hello LordBrcik

I have been looking for that variant for some time, and the conclusion I have drawn is that it is not a variant as such, since I have not located any reviews where the box was opened, and the figure appeared.
I think it was a manufacturing failure that did not come out in sets on a regular basis, but that someone dedicated himself to selling them on the second-hand market, therefore I do not know if it can be considered a variant, or not ...
Same here manumi. And if it was a misprint that was not released, it does not count as a variant (for me).

The same goes for the tan Dengar (prototype) head and the Nikto guard flesh color head.

LordBrick | D | 2020.6.14
Did you hear of the alternate back print version of Qui'ra from the 75209 Han Solo's Landspeeder Set?
You can see the alternate back print version on Instagram at the account lego_sw15
Hi LordBrick, yes I did read about that variant. I found one on eBay from a seller that had five of them but only one (the one in the picture) had the Yoda back and was sold already. I do not know if that one came from an unopened box.

manumi | SP | 2020.5.21
We continue with the variant fever.
I have found a variant of the dooku figure sw0224.
the "normal" version has the LBG beard, while the "variant" has a clearly dark gray beard. I have found this variant in the USA, therefore it makes me think that we can find many variants between the figures produced in the UE and those produced in the USA.
What do you think of this theory?

You can see it on my instagram @manubryck
Fever... :o) Hi manumi, thanx for the link to your Insta! Also found a picture of the Darth Vader variant I was missing on your account. Added the Dooku to the variant finder page. And yes, I also believe these kind of variants are the result of differences in the US and Europe factories. The same goes for the keychain and watch variant that are (or were) from Chinese factories.

Thomas | DK | 2020.5.16
Hi again, the minfig OCD craze contiunes. Dont know if minfigs in gears are of interest to you, but I recently bought the watch #9003370 containing Boba Fett. I believe its a variant of the sw0279. Head has a not so fully marked beard and body has lighter coloration and less detail. A nice comparison is found at go to 3:19. What do you think?
All the best - Thomas
Hi Thomas, the badge on his chest looks smaller, the green of the armor looks lighter, the beard looks different. I added it to the variants finder page and will try to find / buy one myself just to be sure. Thanx Thomas!

manumi | SP | 2020.4.27
Hello Friend,
I haven't seen her until now.
I'm glad and I thank you for creating that page.
As an improvement, I would add all the images that we send you by email, whether you consider them or not variants.
Regarding this topic, I have in my possession a variant of the figure sw0302, specifically it is on the head, the orange tone of the eyes and ears that fall behind, in one figure it is completely orange and in another it is brown . (I don't remember if I sent you that photo) ...

I understand that this can create great confusion, since there is a very fine line between misprint - variants - test prints - pieces taken from the factory that have never really been commercialized ... etc
Again thank you very much for listening and creating this page, as there are few regular figures that exist, we need to have more variants ... (rhetoric mode on)
Hi Manumi, regarding the Gungun: are you sure it is not a sw0628 head on a sw0302 body? Did you find it in a sealed box? I tried to find one on eBay for a while now, but all orange variants are from sw0628 (so far)...

manumi | SP | 2020.4.24
Hello friend, I continue with my OCD and my collection of lego minifigs :-). I have detected some bugs on the web, I am pointing them to not fill the message wall and send you only one, hehehe.
- Variant of fig SW0060, the beard is dark gray but the hair is light gray.
- SW1006, the sword hilt is not black, it is Pearl Dark Gray
- SW1072, the set is 75264, not 75263
- In mfnl-all.html fig sw1072, it is repeated as a figure and as the next figure from 2020.
Bugs????! Hi manumi, thanx for keeping bugs free :o)

Made some changes. What do you think of the new variant finder page? That was one of your suggestions some time ago...

Nightbrother | US | 2020.4.3
Just a nitpick change, Darth Maul's homeworld is actually Dathomir, not Iridonia!
As a Nigthbrother you should know :o) Thanx! Made some changes.

Thomas | DK | 2020.3.30
Regarding the Mace Windu - it's not a unique figure - just bad lightning giving the figure a green shine. I reported on something similar in 05/2019 for another product and it's the same with this. Dont waste your time on this ;-)
Hi Thomas, yes I found that book yesterday looking for the picture you mentioned in 2019. I could not find that picture anymore so I used the one from the Awesome Jedi Tales... lazy me :o) Thanx for looking for the ones that are not in the database yet!

Thomas | DK | 2020.3.30
Hi, I've searched the a-z and can't seem to find Maze Windu from the 2019 Awesome Jedi Tales book

Maybe one you don't have yet ;-)
continued in the next comment...

matus_brdixvv | US | 2020.3.17
Quick question. I noticed two of the Han Solo entries lead to the same pages. Does that mean that these items were deemed to be the same?

- Han Solo - carbon freezing chamber
- Han Solo - carbon pearl gray freezing chamber
- Han Solo - carbon freezing chamber dual face closed mouth
- Han Solo - carbon dark gray freezing chamber
Hi matus-brdixvv, if you mean that they all lead to the samen entry of the carbonite block on BL than yes. I noticed the BL links were broken so I removed them. If that is not what you meant I do not understand your question...

matus_brdixvv | US | 2020.3.15
Hi, I love the site and use it frequently. You do a great job! I was wondering if you would consider adding a link to download a CSV file of the minifig DB info. (Apologies if it is there already and I missed it.) It would like to use it to help inventory and prioritize my purchases.
Hi matus-brdixvv, I often get this request. This list is only useful (in my opinion) with the figures pictures in it. Making such a list will therefor generate a lot of extra traffic on my website. And extra traffic means extra costs. For that reason I do not have such a list.

manumi | SP | 2020.3.6
Hello Friend!

I have detected that you have a problem in figure sw1088 Jannah.
The hands are inverted. The light colored hand goes on the painted arm, and the brown hand goes on the unpainted arm.
Has this change been made by you, or did it come like this on the set?
If you have not made that change, could it be a variant?
I have searched the internet and I have not found more figures with that different configuration.
Hi manumi, interesting.... maybe you are spending to much time on this website :o)

I bought the minifigure on eBay. So there is no telling if it came like this in the set. But why would anyone swap the hands before selling it... maybe just to tease us.

UPDATE: you found a variant manumi! Already found two Youtube reviews that show this variant (straight from the set).

Sean | HK | 2020.2.11
I just counted all the minifigures shown on your "LEGO SW Minifigs - all" thumbnails and there a total of 1318 thumbnail minifigures. This is inconsistent with what's stated at the bottom: "# 1.315 minifigs......". Furthermore, I don't see an image entry for Wookiee Warrior sw1028. It shows up when you open up the list, but disappears when you view the thumbnails. Not sure how many other minifigures are on the list but don't display as a thumbnail when viewing "all" the minifigures. Hopefully you can make the list, complete view of thumbnails and total number stated on the bottom consistent. Thanks!
Hi Sean, I just did a recount and you are right. There where 1318 minifigures / thumbnails (not including two prototypes) and I just added the missing Wookiee. That makes 1319. This weekend I will check my minifigure wall to look for figures that got lost on the all minifigure page. So thanx for leaving this comment!

UPDATE: found one more Stormtrooper keychain. That makes a total of 1320.

Remi | PL | 2020.2.7

there are two misspelt names of the months. "septembre" "januari"

Have a good one
Thanx Remi!

Mark Bennett | UK | 2020.2.1
I have noticed that you do not have the variant commander Fox from set 7681. His red flare on his stomach is normally covered with grey print. In the early variant the grey is not there leaving the flare just red. I have seen 9 of these so far and own 2.
Hi Mark, I did not know there was a Fox variant. Thanx for sharing! Want to sell one of the two you have so I can add it to the database?

FARLANDER | SP | 2020.1.21
Princess Leia sw1036 has got the Lego set label misspelled...Tantative IV instead Tantive IV.

Amazing job!!!
Thanx FARLANDER! Made some changes; there were more :o)

Mark Bennett | UK | 2020.1.17
I have discovered that there is a variant print on the back of the torso of the shadow stormtrooper sw0166. IĆ­m not sure which set it originated from. I have 6 and have spotted a dozen more on eBay. There is a grey horizontal line that joins the two outer vertical lines.
Hi Mark, I see what you mean. Nice find! Just bought one on eBay.

UPDATE: This figure does not have paint on his neck like most figures do. It is from the 2009 LEGO magnet set 852715. Added to the database. Thanx again Mark!

FreakyPriest | D | 2020.1.14
I found an undocumented variant of the Boushh (Leia) minifig. I've got one that has a reddish brown top of the helmet and another one seems to be dark brown. They definitely have very different browns. Do you want pictures?
Hi FreakyPriest, going to take a look... to be continued. Pictures will help. Please send them to

UPDATE: This is very hard to see on eBay... so no luck yet...

FARLANDER | SP | 2020.1.8

Zuckuss photos are slighly deformed...

You do a great job!!!
Indeed :o) Thanx FARLANDER!

Jose Castela | US | 2020.1.5
hi hello... with the release of new figures, can you please update the bricklink list... the last ones are missing...
love your site.
Hi Jose, I update the BL list at the moment I add a new figure to the database otherwise I can not link to the minifigure on my website. Is there a reason you would want the list updated earlier?

Sensaformaggio | NL | 2020.1.2
Is the yuletide pilots head piece the same as Obi wan from the new 2020 set 75270
Yep, it is.

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