Biker Scout
  scout trooper

Scout Trooper
species: human
homeworld: unknown
affiliation: Imperial
category: Stormtrooper
weapon: blaster rifle, hold-out blaster
films I   II  III  S  RO  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX 
series | more CW  BB  OW  RB  CA  M  BF  AS  RS  EU
Star Wars databank: Stormtroopers
Wookieepedia: Stormtrooper and Scout Trooper
remark: -
Brickipedia: Scout Trooper
BrickLink: sw0005 - inv
version | variant: 3342 - original
feature: -
first release: 1999
weapon: blaster - black loudhailer
remark: set 3342 contained two trading cards 1 and 2
LEGO set: 3342 - minifig set
  7128 - Speeder Bikes
  7139 - Ewok Attack
SW Minifigs Notes
This minifigure was called Biker Scout on the box art when first released. On the card that comes with the set it was also called Scout Trooper. On the box art of set 7139 this was Scout Trooper. - see the minifigure decision tree for more information