Imperial Royal Guard
  the emperors guards senate commando  

Royal Guard
species: human
homeworld: unknown
affiliation: Imperial
category: Imperial Royal Guard
weapon: force pike
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Star Wars databank: Royal Guard
Wookieepedia: Emperors Royal Guard
remark: -
Brickipedia: Royal Guard
BrickLink: sw0040 - inv
version | variant: 6211 - red hands
feature: -
first release: 2001
weapon: spear - black
remark: -
LEGO set: 6211 - Imperial Star Destroyer
  7166 - Imperial Shuttle
  7264 - Imperial Inspection
SW Minifigs Notes
This version of the Royal Guard was ID'd as Imperial Royal Guard in the initial set 7166 (2001). In later sets it was ID'd as Emperor's Royal Guard. - see the minifigure decision tree for more information