Destroyer Droid

Destroyer Droid
species: droid
homeworld: Colla IV
affiliation: Separatist
category: destroyer droid
weapon: two blaster canons
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Star Wars databank: Droideka
Wookieepedia: Droideka
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Brickipedia: Droideka
BrickLink: sw0642s - inv
version | variant: 75092 - design 2015, triangular plates
feature: 30 parts brick-built fig (and two stickers)
first release: 2015
weapon: two canons - two gray binoculars
remark: sw0642 is a sellers only BL variant without stickers
LEGO set: 75092 - Naboo Starfighter
SW MiniFigs Notes
The first version was shown and named "Destroyer Droid" on the minifigs section of the box art of sets 7163 and 7203. It was not shown on the minifig section of the box art ever since. - see the minifigure decision tree for more information