Dak Ralter
  snowspeeder gunner

Ralter, Dak
species: human
homeworld: Kalist VI
affiliation: Rebel
category: gunner and pilot in training - Snowspeeder
weapon: blaster pistol
films I   II  III  S  RO  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX 
series | more CW  BB  OW  RB  CA  M  BF  AS  RS  EU
Star Wars databank: Rebel Pilots and Snowspeeder
Wookieepedia: Dak Ralter and T-47 Airspeeder
remark: -

Brickipedia: Dak Ralter
BrickLink: sw1025 - inv
version | variant: 75259 - dual face, leg flares
feature: -
first release: 2019
weapon: small blaster - black with visor
remark: print on the sides of his helmet
LEGO set: 75259 - Snowspeeder 20th Anniversary Edition
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SW Minifigs Notes
Dak Ralter from set 75259 is the same minifigure as the Zin Evalon minifigure except for the print on the sides of his helmet.
Dak Ralter                         Zin Evalon
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