Captain Rex
         captain of the 501st 501st Legion  

Captain Rex
species: human
homeworld: Kamino
affiliation: Republic
category: Clone Officer
weapon: twin DC-17s
films I   II  III  S  RO  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX 
series | more JA  CW  BB  OW  RB  CA  M  BF  AS  RS  EU
Star Wars databank: Clone Captain Rex
Wookieepedia: Clone Trooper Commander and CC-7576
remark: Captain of the 501st

Brickipedia: Captain Rex
BrickLink: sw1315 - inv
version | variant: 75367 - phase II armor, printed limbs
feature: band aid on his forehead
first release: 2023
weapon: two small blasters - black machine pistols
remark: printed kama
LEGO set: 75367 - UCS Venator-class Rep. Attack Cruiser