Mon Calamari
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Major Haash'n
species: Mon Calamari - humanoid
homeworld: Mon Cala
affiliation: Rebel
category: Officer
weapon: none
films I   II  III  S  RO  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX 
series | more CW  BB  OW  RB  CA  M  BF  AS  RS  EU
Star Wars databank: Rebel Alliance
Wookieepedia: Mon Calamari
remark: close resemblance to Major Haash'n

Brickipedia: Mon Calamari Officer
BrickLink: sw0248 - inv
version | variant: 7754 - one version
feature: molded head
first release: 2009
gear: spanner and screwdriver - black
remark: also ID'd as MC Officer - Ch Encyclopedia '11
LEGO set: 7754 - Home One