Set NoSet Name    new or rerelease    variant    earlier release    denied
75320 BP: Snowtrooper
75321 MF: Razor Quest
75322 Hoth AT-ST
40557 MP: Defence of Hoth
40558 MP: CT Command Station
- LEGO SW Keychains

second wave
75324 Dark Trooper Attack
75326 Boba Fetts Throne Room

third wave
PolyB Luke Skywalker with Blue Milk
40531 Lars Family Homestead Kitchen
75325 The Mandalorian N1 Star Fighter
75329 DS Trench Run
75330 Dagobah Jedi Training
75339 DS Trash Compactor
75341 USC: Lukes Landspeeder
75342 Republic Fighter Tank

fourth wave
75323 The Justifier Cad Bane, TODO 360, Omega, Hunter, Fennec Shand
75333 Obi-Wan Kenobis Jedi SF Obi-Wan, Taun We, R4-P17
75334 Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Vader Obi-Wan, Darth Vader
75335 BD-1 BD-1
75336 Inquisitor Transport Scythe Ben Kenobi, Grand Inquisitor, Reva (Third Sister), Fifth Brother
75337 AT-TE Walker Commander Cody, 212th Clone Trooper (3), 212th Clone Gunner, Battle Droid (3)
75338 Ambush on Ferrix Cassian Andor, Luthen Rael, Syril Karn

expected in 2022
75340 Advent Calendar Darth Vader, C-3PO, R2-D2, Gonk droid and more
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* BP: Battle Pack | MF: Micro Fighter | MP: Minifigure Pack | UCS: Ultimate Collector Series