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Around 2011 - 2012 LEGO switched from open (blocked) stud heads to closed (recessed) stud heads. More and more people commented on this topic in the guestbook. On this page - with your help - I will try to identify the minifigure variants that exist as a result of this transition. If you have any information on this subject please leave a comment in the guest book or send an email to mail(at)

Below is a list with all BL references of a SW minifigure head that came both an open blocked stud and a closed recessed stud. New finds of these variants are added to the list (the Mace Windu head for example). Minifigures that probably were released with both head variants are marked with an asterix (*). Why else would there be two head variants on BL and just one minifigure reference...

Website user manumi noted: "Apparently, here in Spain, many figs came with the new closed version."

or: variant confirmed - minifigure(s) released with both an open stud head and a closed stud head

LUKEopen: 3626bpb0408 (2006)closed: 3626cpb0408
Bricklinksw0090a, sw098, sw257a, sw273, sw292,
sw295, sw395
Adminsw090a, sw098, sw257a, sw273, sw292,
sw295, sw395, sw432
manumi-sw395 (EUR)
LUKEopen: 3626bps2 (2007)closed: 3626cps2 big eyes
Bricklinksw0083, sw090, sw173, sw176, sw204,
sw207, sw257
no minifigure reference
Adminsw083, sw090, sw173, sw176, sw204,
sw207, sw257
sw176, sw204, sw207, sw257
(all big eyes)
ANAKINopen: 3626bpb0075 (2008)closed: 3626cpb0075
Bricklink & Adminsw0183, sw317sw542
REXopen: 3626bpb0317 (2008)closed: 3626cpb0317
Bricklink & Adminsw0194, sw314sw450
DARTH VADERopen: 3626bpb0310 (2008)closed: 3626cpb0310
Bricklink & Adminsw0209, sw214, sw218no minifigure reference
OBI-WANopen: 3626bpb0407 (2008)closed: 3626cpb0407
Bricklinksw0274, sw336, sw637ano minifigure reference
Adminsw274, sw637asw336
MACE WINDUopen: 3626bpb0328 (2009)closed: no BL reference
Bricklinksw0220no minifigure reference
Alexander & Adminsw220CW magnet set variant (no BL reference)
manumi-sw0220 (EUR)
COUNT DOOKUopen: 3626bpb0322 (2009)closed: 3626cpb0322
Bricklink & Adminsw0224*no minifigure reference
HONDOopen: 3626bpb0393 (2009)closed: 3626cpb0393no pic
Bricklink & Adminsw0246*no minifigure reference
BREN DERLINopen: 3626bpb0357 (2009)closed: 3626cpb0357
Bricklinksw0258, sw425no minifigure reference
REBELopen: 3626bpb0382 (2009)closed: 3626cpb0382
Admin-sw368, sw462
DARTH VADERopen: 3626bpb0412 (2009)closed: 3626cpb0412
Bricklinksw0277, sw464sw599
MISCopen: 3626bpb0402 (2010)closed: 3626cpb0402
Bricklinksw0259, sw289, sw294, sw340no minifigure reference
REBEL PILOTopen: 3626bpb0401 (2010)closed: 3626cpb0401
Bricklinksw0260, sw265, sw266, sw354sw369, sw399, sw458
BARRISSopen: 3626bpb0410 (2010)closed: 3626cpb0410
Bricklink & Adminsw0269*no minifigure reference
JANGOopen: 3626bpb0077 (2010)closed: 3626cpb0077
Bricklinksw0279, sw396, sw506sw468
ANAKINopen: 3626bpb0443 (2010)closed: 3626cpb0443
Bricklink & Hygrotussw0283sw283
MISCopen: 3626bpb0035 (2010)closed: 3626cpb0035
Bricklinksw0291, sw293, sw261, sw376sw440, sw455
PADMEopen: 3626bpb0482 (2010)closed: 3626cpb0482
Bricklink & Adminsw0324* (EUR)no SW minifugre reference
PRINCESS LEIAopen: 3626bpb0416 (2010)closed: 3626cpb0416
Bricklinksw0337, sw346, sw407sw371, sw485, sw504
manumisw346sw337, sw371, sw407, sw485, sw504
Adminsw407sw337, sw346, sw371, sw485, sw504
MISCopen: 3626bpb0487 (2010)closed: 3626cpb0487
Bricklink & Adminsw0352 (Piett)sw460 (Rieekan)
MADALORIANopen: 3626bpb0519 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0519
Bricklink & Adminsw0296sw494
SUGIopen: 3626bpb0554 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0554
Bricklink & Adminsw0305* (US)no minifigure reference
AURA SINGopen: 3626bpb0550 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0550
Bricklink & Adminsw0306*no minifigure reference
EMBOopen: 3626bpb0552 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0552
Bricklink & Adminsw0307* (US)no minifigure reference
SAESEEopen: 3626bpb0551 (2011)closed: no BL reference
Bricklinksw0308*no minifigure reference
Alexander & Adminsw308dark horns variant (no BL reference)
manumisw0308 dark horns variantsw0308
SHAAK TIopen: 3626bpb0553 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0553
Bricklink & Adminsw0309* (US)no minifigure reference
BL Seller (1)sw309sw309
LUMINARAopen: 3626bpb0528 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0528
Bricklinksw0310*no minifigure reference
manumi & Admin-sw310 (EUR, US)
SAVAGEopen: 3626bpb0621 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0621
Bricklinksw0316*no minifigure reference
manunmi & Admin-sw316 (EUR)
KI-ADI-MUNDIopen: 3626bpb0622 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0622
Bricklinksw0319* (EUR)no minifigure reference
manumi-sw319 (EUR)
CPT PANAKAopen: 3626bpb0626 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0626
Bricklink & Adminsw0321* (EUR)no minifigure reference
manumi-sw321 (EUR)
QUI-GONopen: 3626bpb0620 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0620
Bricklinksw0322* (EUR)no minifigure reference
YOUNG ANAKINopen: 3626bpb0624 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0624
Bricklinksw0327, sw349no minifigure reference
manumi-sw327, sw349 (EUR)
OBI-WANopen: 3626bpb0634 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0634
Bricklinksw0329*no minifigure reference
WOLFFEopen: 3626bpb0623 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0623
Bricklink & Adminsw0330* (EUR)no minifigure reference
LUKEopen: 3626bpb0651 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0651
Bricklink & Adminsw0335*no minifigure reference
BL Seller (1)sw335sw335
REBELopen: 3626bpb0563 (2011)closed: 3626cpb0563
Bricklinksw0367sw444, sw611, sw645, sw678
MISCopen: 3626bpb0664 (2012)closed: 3626cpb0664
Bricklinksw0005b, sw268a, sw364, sw366, sw383,
sw428, sw431
sw463, sw457, sw505
ANAKINopen: 3626bpb0671 (2012)closed: 3626cpb0671
Bricklinksw0361*no minifigure reference
BL Sellers (7)sw361sw361
OBI-WANopen: 3626bpb0670 (2012)closed: 3626cpb0670
Bricklinksw0362sw489, sw535
Admin-sw362, sw489, sw535
MISCopen: 3626bpb0680 (2012)closed: 3626cpb0680
Bricklinksw0374, sw402, sw426no minifigure reference
Adminsw402sw374, sw426
BARRISSopen: 3626bpb0672 (2012)closed: 3626cpb0672
Bricklink & Adminsw0379*no minifigure reference
BL Seller (1)sw379sw379
KITHABAopen: 3626bpb0748 (2012)closed: 3626cpb0748
Bricklink & Adminsw0397*no minifigure reference
BL Sellers (3)sw397sw397
AGEN KOLARopen: 3626bpb0807 (2012)closed: 3626cpb0807
Bricklink & Adminsw0421* (EUR)no minifigure reference
BL Seller (1)sw421sw421
SYNDULLAopen: 3626bpb1138 (2014)closed: 3626cpb1138
Bricklinksw576*no minifigure reference
manumi & Admin-sw576 (EUR)

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