Darth Vader
         dark lord of the sith

Skywalker, Anakin
"Darth Vader"
species: human-cyborg
homeworld: Tatooine
affiliation: Imperial
category: Sith and pilot - TIE Advanced x1 and others
weapon: lightsaber
appeared in I   II  CW  III  RB  S  RO  IV  V  FA  VI  RE  VII  VIII  IX  EU
StarWars.com: Darth Vader and TIE Fighter
Wookieepedia: Anakin Skywalker and TIE Advance x1
remark: -
Brickipedia: Darth Vader
BrickLink: sw0004 - inv
version: 7150 - original
special feature: -
first released in: 1999
weapon: lightsaber - trans red, chrome hilt
remark: set 3340 contained a trading card
LEGO Set:   3340 - Minifig set
    7150 - 7152 - TIE Fighter and Y-Wing
    7200 - Final Dual
  10123 - Cloud City
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