Rebel Trooper

Rostok, Serchill
species: human
homeworld: -
affiliation: Rebel
category: Rebel Trooper
weapon: blaster pistol, blaster rifle
appeared in I   II  CW  III  R  RO  IV  V  FA  VI  VII  VIII  IX  EU Rebel Alliance
Wookieepedia: Roque One squad and Rebel Trooper
remark: resemblance to Rogue One Corporal Rostok

Brickimedia: Rebel Trooper
BrickLink: sw804 - inv
version: 75164.3 - RO, sand color vest, brown legs
special feature: printed legs
first released in: 2017
weapon: blaster, long - black stud shooter, trans red tip
remark: -
LEGO Set: 75164 - Rebel Trooper Battle Pack