Rebel Snowspeeder Gunner

Valent, Kit
species: human
homeworld: unknown
affiliation: Rebel
category: Gunner - Snowspeeder
weapon: blaster, small - black
appeared in I   II  CW  III  R  RO  IV  V  FA  VI  VII  VIII  IX  EU X-Wing Starfighter
Wookieepedia: Kit Valent and T-47 Airspeeder
remark: -

Brickimedia: Rebel Snowspeeder Gunner
BrickLink: sw827 - inv
version: 75144 - one version
special feature: dual face and printed arms and legs
first released in: 2017
utensil: blaster, small, black
remark: later ID'd as Kit Valent - SWC'17 display
LEGO Set: 75144 - Snowspeeder
SW Minifigs Notes
This minifigure was ID'd as Rebel Snowspeeder Gunner on the boxart. In the building instruction it was shown as Will Scotian. But on the SW Conference '17 minifigure display it was ID'd as Zev Senesca's gunner Kit Valent. - see the minifigure decision tree for more information