Chancellor Palpatine
  the last chancellor

"the Chancellor"
species: human
homeworld: Naboo
affiliation: Republic and Imperial
category: Sith
weapon: dark side lightning
appeared in   II  CW  III  R  S  RO  IV  V  FA  VI  VII  VIII  IX  EU Palpatine
Wookieepedia: Palpatine, Darth Sidious, Chancellor, Emperor
remark: also known as Darth Sidious
Brickipedia: Palpatine
BrickLink: 852844
version: 8039MS - clone wars magnet set
special feature: -
first released in: 2010
utensil: none
remark: -
LEGO set: magnet set - Palpatine, Gunray, Farr
SW Minifigs Notes
The Palpatine variant from the magnet set has another torso print than the original. - see the minifigure decision tree for more information