Padme Naberrie

Naberrie, Padme
"Queen Amidala"
species: human
homeworld: Naboo
affiliation: Galactic Republic
category: queen, senator, pilot - Naboo Royal Starship
weapon: royal pistol
appearance   II  CW  III  BB  RB  S  RO  IV  V  VI  M  RS  VII  VIII  IX  EU
Star Wars databank: Padme Amidala and Naboo Royal Starship
Wookieepedia: Padme Amidala and Nubian Royal Starship
remark: mother of Luke and Leia
Brickipedia: Padme Amidala
BrickLink: sw0025 - inv
version | variant: 7131 - original
feature: -
first release: 1999
weapon: none
remark: only female figure in the first LEGO SW wave
LEGO set: 7131 - Anakins Podracer
  7171 - Mos Espa Podrace