Darth Maul
         crime lord

"Darth Maul"
species: Zabrak - humanoid-cyborg
homeworld: Dathomir
affiliation: Sith
category: Sith and pilot - Sith Infiltrator
weapon: dual lightsaber
appeared in I   II  CW  III  RB  S  RO  IV  V  VI  M  RS  VII  VIII  IX  EU
Star Wars databank: Darth Maul and Sith Infiltrator
Wookieepedia: Darth Maul, Zabrak and Scimitar
remark: -

Brickipedia: Darth Maul
BrickLink: sw1091 - inv
value used:
version: CENE - humanoid cybernetic legs
special feature: printed legs and feet, Crimson Dawn pendant
first released in: 2020
utensils: dual lightsaber - trans red metallic hilt
remark: black print on metallic legs
LEGO set: LEGO SW Character Encyclopedia New Edition
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