The Armorer
         protector of mandalorian culture

"The Armorer"
species: human
homeworld: unknown
affiliation: The Tribe
category: Mandalorian
weapon: forging hammer and tongs
appearance I   II  CW  III  RB  S  RO  IV  V  VI  M  RS  VII  VIII  IX  EU
Star Wars databank: The Armorer
Wookieepedia: The Armorer
remark: Armorer of "The Tribe"

Brickipedia: The Armorer
BrickLink: sw1171 - inv
version | variant: 75319 - one version
feature: unique helmet, printed legs and feet
first release: 2021
weapon: hamer - black and tongs - bar and mech claw
remark: set comes with an extra Mandalorian helmet
LEGO set: 75319 - The Armorers Mandalorian Forge