LEGO Star Wars minifigures
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2-1B - surgical droid
2-1B - surgical droid blue
212th Clone Trooper - one version
501st Clone Pilot - one version
4-LOM - one version
501st Legion Clone Trooper - one version
A-wing Pilot - blue jumpsuit
A-wing Pilot - red jumpsuit
A-wing Pilot - yellow, headset
A-wing Pilot - flesh, no headset
A-wing Pilot - flesh yellow visor - see A-Wing Pilot for next version
A-wing Pilot - new helmet dark green
A-wing Pilot - new helmet light green
A-wing Pilot - Tallie
A4-D - with sticker
Aayla Secura - original
Ackbar, Admiral - original
Ackbar, Admiral - dark head print
Aerial Trooper - one version
Agen Kolar - one version
Ahsoka - original
Ahsoka - printed legs young
Ahsoka - printed legs mature
Airen Cracken, General - one version
Aldar Beedo - bucket
Aldar Beedo - junkyard
Amidala - queen amidala
Anakin Skywalker - child gray helmet
Anakin Skywalker - child podrace
Anakin Skywalker - child brown helmet
Anakin Skywalker - child hair
Anakin Skywalker - child hair new design
Anakin Skywalker - child hair pouches on back plus helmet
Anakin Skywalker - child hair pouches on back no helmet
Anakin Skywalker - original
Anakin Skywalker - original no cape
Anakin Skywalker - geonosian no cape
Anakin Skywalker - snow gear
Anakin Skywalker - clone wars
Anakin Skywalker - clone wars nintendo
Anakin Skywalker - clone nightspeeder
Anakin Skywalker - clone wars printed legs
Anakin Skywalker - black hand
Anakin Skywalker - palpatines arrest
Anakin Skywalker - light-up saber
Anakin Skywalker - printed legs headset
Anakin Skywalker - mustafar
Anakin Skywalker - transformation
Anakin Skywalker - injured
Anakin Skywalker - injured, printed legs
Antilles, Captain - one version
ARC Trooper - one version
ARF Trooper - original
ARF Trooper - bigger visor
ARF Trooper - red markings
Asajj Ventress - original
Asajj Ventress - no skirt
Asajj Ventress - no skirt or printed legs
ASP Droid - one version
Assassin Droid - white
Assassin Droid - silver
Assassin Droid - gray
Assassin Droid - black
Astromech Droid - red dome white body
Astromech Droid - silver dome blue body
Astromech Droid, Rebel - transparent dome gray body
AT-AT Driver - full small triangle
AT-AT Driver - topped off triangle
AT-AT Driver - dark gray hips
AT-AT Driver - new helmet
AT-AT Driver - gray helmet blue outfit
AT-ST Driver - original
AT-ST Driver - pockets
AT-ST Driver - googles on helmet
Aurra Sing - one version
B'Omarr Monk - original
B'Omarr Monk - square cross-guards
B-wing Pilot - yellow
B-wing Pilot - flesh - see B-Wing Pilot for next version
B-wing Pilot - printed legs
Bala-Tik - one version
BARC Trooper - phase II armor
Barriss Offee - original
Barriss Offee - blue cape
Battle Droid - backpack
Battle Droid - horizontal grip
Battle Droid - horizontal vertical grip
Battle Droid - vertical grip
Battle Droid - geonosian original
Battle Droid - geonosian dark orange backpack
Battle Droid - geonosian dark orange no backpack
Battle Droid - dark orange and tan
Battle Droid Commander - printed body
Battle Droid Commander - coloured body
Battle Droid Commander - yellow dot
Battle Droid Commander - geonosian
Battle Droid Pilot - printed body
Battle Droid Pilot - coloured body
Battle Droid Pilot - coloured body horizontal grip
Battle Droid Pilot - coloured body and print
Battle Droid Pilot - coloured body and print vertical grip
Battle Droid Security - original
Battle Droid Security - no print vertical grip
Battle Droid Security - detailed print vertical grip
Battle Droid Security - solid print vertical grip
Baze Malbus - original
Baze Malbus - teeth and no teeth
BB-8 - one version
BB-8 - keychain
BB-8 - santa claus
BB-9E - one version
Bespin Guard - original
Bespin Guard - printed back face lines
Bespin Guard - printed back no face lines
Bib Fortuna - original version
Bib Fortuna - new design
Biggs - one version
Bistan - one version
Bith - one version
Boba Fett - child
Boba Fett - child printed back brown belt
Boba Fett - child printed back black belt
Boba Fett - classic gray
Boba Fett - blueish gray
Boba Fett - printed legs
Boba Fett - new edition
Boba Fett - printed feet
Boba Fett - mini slave
Boba Fett - printed feet and arms
Boba Fett - printed back printed cape no printed arms
Boba Fett - printed back green cape
Boba Fett - concept original
Bomb Squad Trooper - one version
Bombardier, Resistance - one version
Bomber Pilot, Resistance - one version
Bossk - original
Brute, Unkars - one version
Buzz Droid - original
Buzz Droid - new design
C-3PO - original
C-3PO - dark gold light hands
C-3PO - dark gold
C-3PO - light gold
C-3PO - chrome
C-3PO - visible wires orange brown print
C-3PO - visible wires brown print
C-3PO - printed legs oil stains
C-3PO - printed legs
C1-10P - original
Cad Bane - original
Cad Bane - no breathing tubes
Cassian Andor - original
Cassian Andor - brown jacket
Chewbacca - dark brown
Chewbacca - brown
Chewbacca - printed legs
Chirpa, Chief - original
Chirpa, Chief - dark shiny brown hood
Chirrut Imwe - one version
Clone Commander - original
Clone Commander - black
Clone Commander - no kama
Clone Heavy Gunner - one version
Clone Jet Trooper - one version
Clone Pilot - original
Clone Pilot - black head
Clone Pilot - new helmet
Clone Pilot - printed legs
Clone Pilot - phase II original
Clone Pilot - phase II open helmet
Clone Pilot - phase II shuttle pilot
Clone Pilot - phase II yellow markings
Clone Shock Trooper - original
Clone Shock Trooper - white hips
Clone Shock Trooper - printed legs
Clone Trooper - original
Clone Trooper - clone wars
Clone Trooper - helmet gear
Clone Trooper - black antenna
Clone Trooper - nintendo
Clone Trooper - new belt and helmet
Clone Trooper - clone building
Clone Trooper - no markings
Clone Trooper - dotted nose pattern
Clone Trooper - printed legs
Clone Trooper - santa hat
Clone Trooper - green markings
Clone Trooper - red markings
Clone Trooper Captain - one version
Clone Trooper Commander - green markings
Clone Trooper Commander - yellow markings
Clone Trooper Gunner - phase II armer
Clone Trooper Lieutenant - original
Clone Trooper Lieutenant - printed legs
Clone Trooper Sergeant - green markings
Cody, Commander - original
Cody, Commander - no armor
Coleman Trebor - one version
Commando Droid - one version
Commando Droid Captain - one version
Dack - dark gray hips
Dack Ralter - blueish gray hips
Dack Ralter - flesh
Dak Raltar - printed legs and dual face
Darth Malgus - one version
Darth Maul - original
Darth Maul - black pupils
Darth Maul - palpatine shirt
Darth Maul - hood and headpiece
Darth Maul - hood no headpiece
Darth Maul - headpiece no hood
Darth Maul - printed legs cape
Darth Maul - printed legs no cape
Darth Maul - no shirt
Darth Maul - mechanical legs
Darth Maul - santa claus
Darth Revan - one version
Darth Vader - transformation
Darth Vader - battle damage
Darth Vader - original
Darth Vader - blueish gray head
Darth Vader - imperial inspection
Darth Vader - black head
Darth Vader - light-up saber
Darth Vader - imperial inspection eyebrows
Darth Vader - death star
Darth Vader - chrome
Darth Vader - death star pupils
Darth Vader - medal
Darth Vader - sand coloured head
Darth Vader - new helmet sand coloured head
Darth Vader - new helmet white face
Darth Vader - new helmet printed back
Darth Vader - new helmet white face soft cape
Darth Vader - santa claus
DD-13 - one version
Death Star Droid - RA-7 black
Death Star Trooper - original
Death Star Trooper - buckle
Death Star Trooper - gray helmet
Death Star Trooper - new helmet
Death Star Trooper, Imperial Navy Trooper - printed legs headset
Death Star Trooper, Imperial Navy Trooper - printed back no headset
Demolition Droid - one version
Dengar - original
Dengar - back pack and dark eyelids
Dengar - back pack and frown
Destroyer Droid - original
Destroyer Droid - design 2007
Destroyer Droid - design 2011
Destroyer Droid - design 2013
Destroyer Droid - design 2013 pearl gray
Destroyer Droid - design 2015 triangular plates
Dianoga - original
Dianoga - orange eye
Dooku - original
Dooku - dark
Dooku - clone wars
Dooku - clone wars no hood
Dooku - white hair
Droid Brain - one version
Eeth Koth - one version
Ematt, Admiral - one version
Embo - one version
EV-9D9 - one version
Even Piell - one version
Ewok Warrior - one version
Ezra Bridger - original
Finn - stormtrooper outfit
Finn - original, black shirt
Finn - original keychain
Finn - white shirt
Finn - first order officer disguise
First Order Colonel - blue outfit
First Order Crew - serious face
First Order Crew - unhappy face
First Order General - one version
First Order Officer - male black outfit
First Order Officer - male gray outfit
First Order Officer - female
First Order Technician - one version
Flametrooper, First Order - one version
Fox, Commander - one version
Gamorrean Guard - green hands
Gamorrean Guard - brown hands
Gamorrean Guard - printed green body dark brown belt
Gamorrean Guard - printed green body brown belt
Gasgano - one version
Geonosian Pilot - no wings
Geonosian Pilot - new design
Geonosian Soldier - with wings
Geonosian Warrior - new design wings
Geonosian Warrior - zombie
Geonosis Trooper - jungle camo, phase II armor
Geonosis Trooper - jungle camo, airborne armor
George Lucas - prototype - wanted
Gonk Droid - gray
Gonk Droid - blueish gray
Gonk Droid - brick-built
Gonk Droid - printed brick-built
Gonk Droid - brown brick-built
Grand Moff Trakin - sand color outfit
Grand Moff Trakin - original
Grand Moff Trakin - new gray hair
Gree, Commander - original
Gree, Commander - phase ii armor
Greedo - original, printed arms
Greedo - printed legs
Grievous - original
Grievous - no cape
Grievous - clone wars, tan printing
Grievous - white printing
Gray Squadron Pilot - one version
Gregor, Commander - one version
Ground Crew, Resistance - one version
Guavian Security Soldier - one version
Gungan Soldier - original
Gungan Soldier - brown vest
Gungan Soldier - brown vest black hands
Han Solo - child
Han Solo - mos eisley cantina
Han Solo - millennium falcon yellow
Han Solo - transformation chamber
Han Solo - millennium falcon flesh
Han Solo - blue pants vest with pockets
Han Solo - dark blue pants vest with pockets
Han Solo - blue pants vest with pockets tousled hair
Han Solo - stormtrooper
Han Solo - stormtrooper pupils
Han Solo - stormtrooper new hair
Han Solo - ceremonial
Han Solo - hoth parka yellow face
Han Solo - hoth parka hair
Han Solo - hoth parka no hair
Han Solo - hoth parka no hair pupils
Han Solo - hoth parka new design
Han Solo - hoth parka brown snow goggles
Han Solo - hoth parka brown no goggles
Han Solo - hoth parka brown no hood
Han Solo - hoth
Han Solo - hoth pupils
Han Solo - hoth new
Han Solo - breath mask
Han Solo - cloud city
Han Solo - millennium falcon flesh
Han Solo - millennium falcon pupils
Han Solo - brown pants vest with pockets
Han Solo - skiff yellow
Han Solo - skiff flesh
Han Solo - carbon freezing chamber
Han Solo - carbon freezing chamber dual face closed mouth
Han Solo - carbon freezing chamber dual face open mouth
Han Solo - carbon freezing chamber dark brown legs
Han Solo - carbon freezing chamber dark brown legs tousled hair
Han Solo - carbonized
Han Solo - carbonized dull
Han Solo - carbon pearl gray freezing chamber
Han Solo - carbon dark gray freezing chamber
Han Solo - endor trench coat
Han Solo - gray hair brown jacket happy
Han Solo - gray hair brown jacket angry
Hera Syndulla - one version
Holdo, Vice Admiral Amilyn - one version
Holocron Droid - blue
Hondo Ohnaka - one version
Hux, General - original, hat
Hux, General - hair
IG-88 - original, silver
IG-88 - gray
IG-88 - gray rifle on back
Imperial Atromech - blue
Imperial Atromech Droid - black
Imperial Combat Driver - gray
Imperial Crew or Imperial Pilot - original, black
Imperial Crew - gray
Imperial Death Trooper - pauldron, grenade print
Imperial Death Trooper - no pauldron
Imperial Gunner - closed mouth
Imperial Gunner - open mouth
Imperial Navy Officer - original
Imperial Officer - yellow face
Imperial Officer - flesh face eyebrows
Imperial Officer - flesh face
Imperial Officer - flesh face pupils
Imperial Officer - printed back
Imperial Officer - new hat, sand color outfit
Imperial Officer - new hat, gray outfit
Imperial Officer - new hat, gray outfit, code cylinders
Imperial Officer - new black hat, gray outfit
Imperial Officer - at-st
Imperial Officer - at-st goggles
Imperial Shock Trooper - one version
Imperial Shoretrooper - one version, captain markings
Imperial Technician - one version
Inquisitor, the - one version
Inquisitor, Imperial Fifth Brother - one version
Interrogation Droid - original
Interrogation Droid - alternate
Interrogation Droid - gray seringe
Ithorian Jedi Master - one version
Jabba the Hutt - original version
Jabba the Hutt - printed body tan face
Jabba the Hutt - printed body greenish face
Jag, Captain - one version
Jango Fett - three day beard
Jango Fett - shave
Jango Fett - printed legs grin
Jango Fett - printed legs open mouth
Jango Fett - santa claus
Jar Jar - original
Jar Jar - terra color head print
Jar Jar - orange color head print
Jawa - original
Jawa - ammo bandolier
Jawa - black and sand coloured bandolier
Jawa - torn shirt
Jawa - black and brown coloured bandolier
Jedi Consular - one version
Jedi Knight - new republic
Jedi Knight - old republic
Jek-14 - original
Jek-14 - white head
Jek-14 - no hair
Jek-14 - white helmet
Jek Porkins - one version
Juno Eclipse - one version
Jyn Erso - original
Jyn Erso - imperial ground crew disguise
K-2SO - one version
K-3PO - original
K-3PO - printed legs
Kallus, Agent - original, helmet
Kallus, Agent - no helmet
Kanan Jarrus - original, black hair
Kanan Jarrus - brown hair
Kanan Jarrus - mask
Kanjiklub Gang Member - one version
Kashyyyk Trooper - jungle camo, phase II armor
Kashyyyk Trooper - jungle camo, scout armor
Ki-Adi-Mundi - one version
Kit Fisto - original
Kit Fisto - cape
Kit Fisto - cape dark print
Kithaba - one version
Kordi - original
Kordi - green legs
Krennic, Director - one version
Kylo Ren - original
Kylo Ren - printed face, torn cape
Kylo Ren - printed face, normal cape
Kylo Ren - no cape
Lando - cloud city
Lando - skiff guard gray helmet
Lando - skiff guard brown helmet
Lando - general outfit
Lando - general outfit soft blue cape
Leia Organa - yellow
Leia Organa - flesh
Leia Organa - flesh smooth hair
Leia Organa - flesh big eyes
Leia Organa - pupils
Leia Organa - pupils printed white hood
Leia Organa - ceremonial gown
Leia Organa - hoth outfit yellow face
Leia Organa - hoth outfit flesh face
Leia Organa - hoth smooth hair
Leia Organa - hoth pupils
Leia Organa - breath mask
Leia Organa - cloud city
Leia Organa - Boushh disguise
Leia Organa - slave yellow
Leia Organa - slave flesh
Leia Organa - slave hair braid
Leia Organa - endor
Leia Organa - endor cloth poncho
Leia Organa - yub nub
Leia Organa - purple vest
Lobot - one version
Lobot - new design
Logray - original
Logray - shiny hood
Lor San Tekka - one version
Luke Skywalker - original
Luke Skywalker - retro
Luke Skywalker - millennium falcon
Luke Skywalker - millennium falcon big eyes
Luke Skywalker - millennium falcon pupils
Luke Skywalker - mini landspeeder
Luke Skywalker - millennium falcon training droid
Luke Skywalker - millennium falcon training droid no helmet
Luke Skywalker - white printed legs open mouth
Luke Skywalker - white printed legs closed mouth
Luke Skywalker - stormtrooper
Luke Skywalker - stormtrooper big eyes
Luke Skywalker - stormtrooper new hair
Luke Skywalker - ceremonial
Luke Skywalker - ceremonial big eyes
Luke Skywalker - ceremonial pupils
Luke Skywalker - hoth cave
Luke Skywalker - hoth cave black eye
Luke Skywalker - bacta tank
Luke Skywalker - pilot yellow face
Luke Skywalker - pilot yellow face dark hips
Luke Skywalker - pilot flesh face
Luke Skywalker - pilot pupils old helmet
Luke Skywalker - pilot pupils new helmet
Luke Skywalker - pilot visor
Luke Skywalker - pilot visor and facial lines
Luke Skywalker - dagobah backpack
Luke Skywalker - cloud city
Luke Skywalker - black hood
Luke Skywalker - black cape
Luke Skywalker - skiff yellow
Luke Skywalker - skiff flesh
Luke Skywalker - skiff flesh gray shirt
Luke Skywalker - rancor pit
Luke Skywalker - endor
Luke Skywalker - final dual
Luke Skywalker - death star
Luke Skywalker - death star big eyes
Luke Skywalker - imperial shuttle
Luke Skywalker - death star printed back
Luke Skywalker - yub nub open mouth
Luke Skywalker - yub nub closed mouth
Luke Skywalker - sand coloured cape
Luminara - light-up saber
Luminara - no cape
Luminara - brown outfit
M-OC Hunter Droid - one version
Mace Windu - original
Mace Windu - light-up saber
Mace Windu - no cape
Mace Windu - pupils and cape
Mace Windu - printed legs
Madine, General - original
Madine, General - tan legs
Magna Guard / Magna Droid- one version
Malakili - one version
Mandalorian - original
Mandalorian - supercommando pre viszla head
Mandalorian - supercommando mandalorian head
Max Rebo - one version
Maz Kanata - one version
Medical Droid - origninal, gray
Medical Droid - black
Medical Droid, First Order - black
Mon Calamari - one version
Mon Mothma - one version
Moroff - one version
Mouse Droid - original
Mouse Droid - light gray
Naare - one version
Naboo Pilot - original, hat and helmet
Naboo Pilot - helmet, no hat
Naboo Pilot - red outfit
Naboo Pilot - orange-brown outfit
Naboo Security Guard - original
Naboo Security Guard - printed legs
Naboo Security Officer - one version
Nahdar Vebb - one version
Neimoidian Warrior - one version
Nikto Guard - one version
Nute Gunray - original
Nute Gunray - robe
Obi-Wan Kenobi - padawan
Obi-Wan Kenobi - young yellow
Obi-Wan Kenobi - young breathing mask
Obi-Wan Kenobi - young printed legs
Obi-Wan Kenobi - young printed legs no cape
Obi-Wan Kenobi - young flesh
Obi-Wan Kenobi - young pupils
Obi-Wan Kenobi - long hair headset
Obi-Wan Kenobi - long hair
Obi-Wan Kenobi - long hair printed legs
Obi-Wan Kenobi - clone wars
Obi-Wan Kenobi - orange brown printed legs
Obi-Wan Kenobi - bounty hunter disguise
Obi-Wan Kenobi - tan legs headset
Obi-Wan Kenobi - orange brown legs headset
Obi-Wan Kenobi - printed legs headset
Obi-Wan Kenobi - orange brown legs cape
Obi-Wan Kenobi - tan printed legs
Obi-Wan Kenobi - light-up saber
Obi-Wan Kenobi - mustafar
Obi-Wan Kenobi - old gray hair
Obi-Wan Kenobi - old blueish gray hair
Obi-Wan Kenobi - old flesh
Obi-Wan Kenobi - old pupils
Obi-Wan Kenobi - old flesh short cape
Obi-Wan Kenobi - old flesh cape
Obi-Wan Kenobi - old flesh tattered cape
Obi-Wan Kenobi - old flesh pupils cape
Obi-Wan Kenobi - old brown coat
Obi-Wan Kenobi - old flesh hood
Obi-Wan Kenobi - old pupils hood
Onaconda Farr - original
Oola - one version
Owen Lars - light beard
Owen Lars - dark beard
(Uncle) Owen Lars - printed legs
Padawan Girl - one version
Padme - original
Padme - flesh
Padme - geonosian arena
Padme - red vest
Paige, Resistance Gunner - one version
Palpatine - clone wars
Palpatine - clone wars magnet set
Palpatine - gray robe
Palpatine - arrest
Palpatine - original
Palpatine - yellow black hands
Palpatine - gray face gray hands
Palpatine - death star
Panaka, Captain - one version
Pao - one version
Paploo - original
Paploo - battle of endor
Phasma, Captain - original
Phasma, Captain - new helmet
Piett, Admiral - one version
Pit Droid - anakin
Pit Droid - gasgano
Pit Droid - sebulba
PK-4 Droid - one version
Pilot Droid - original
(Dooku's) Pilot Droid - brown
Plo Koon - original
Plo Koon - printed back
Poe Dameron - leather jacekt
Poe Dameron - original, flight suit
Poe Dameron - original keychain
Poe Dameron - orange suit gunbelt
Poe Dameron - black jacket
Poggle the Lesser - one version
Pong Krell - one version
Probe Droid - original
Probe Droid - new release
Probe Droid - no top antenna, brown plate
Probe Droid - no top antenna, gray plate, gray sensors
Probe Droid - no top antenna, gray plate, black sensors
Probe Droid, Dark Eye - gray antenna
Probe Droid, Dark Eye - black antenna
Probe Droid, Dark Eye - gunship
Probe Droid, Dark Eye - tin can
Probe Droid, Dark Eye - design 2015
Protocol Droid - black
Protocol Droid - silver
Quarrie - one version
Qui-Gon Jinn - original
Qui-Gon Jinn - chin dimple
Qui-Gon Jinn - light flesh
Qui-Gon Jinn - new design
Qui-Gon Jinn - breathing mask
Qui-Gon Jinn - printed legs
Qui-Gon Jinn - cloth poncho
Qui-Gon Jinn - printed legs no cape
Quinlan Vos - original
Quinlan Vos - printed legs
R-3PO - one version
R0-GR - one version
R1-G4 - original
R1-G4 - new design
R2 Unit - one version
R2-D2 - original
R2-D2 - gray tray
R2-D2 - death star
R2-D2 - dark tan tray
R2-D2 - clone wars
R2-D2 - silver dome
R2-D2 - dark blue printing red state indicator
R2-D2 - reindeer horns
R2-D2 - snowman
R2-KT - prototype - wanted
R2-Q2 - one version
R2-Q5 - original
R2-Q5 - death star
R2-R7 - one version
R2-X2 - original, dome only
R2-X2 - santa claus
R3-A2 - one version
R3-D5 - one version
R3-M2 - one version
R3-M3 - one version
R3-T2 - one version
R4-G0 - original
R4-P17 - with body
R4-P17 - with body and line on bottom dome
R4-P44 - original
R5-D4 - original
R5-D4 - high round dome
R5-D4 - new dome
R5-D4 - trapezoid dome
R5-D8 - original, three silver dots
R5-D8 - five silver dots
R5-F7 - one version
R5-J2 - one version
R7-A7 - original
R7-D4 - one version
R8-B7 - one version
RA-7 Protocol Droid - gray
Raddus, Admiral - one version
Rebel - hoth brown visor
Rebel - hoth white visor
Rebel - hoth flesh
Rebel - hoth new visor
Rebel - hoth tan jacket white printed legs
Rebel - hoth tan jacket white printed legs beard
Rebel - hoth new headgear
Rebel - hoth alternate face
Rebel - hoth stubble beard
Rebel - hoth white jacket cheek lines
Rebel - hoth white jacket no cheek lines
Rebel - hoth white jacket tan beard
Rebel - hoth white jacket tan beard no backpack
Rebel - endor outfit
Rebel - endor outfit brown beard
Rebel - endor outfit orange brown beard
Rebel - endor outfit grin
Rebel - endor outfit goatee
Rebel - endor outfit vest light green print
Rebel - endor outfit vest dark green print
Rebel - endor outfit printed legs
Rebel - endor outfit printed legs tan beard
Rebel - desert outfit jet pack
Rebel - desert outfit duros
Rebel - desert outfit hat with visor
Rebel - desert outfit rodian
Rebel - gray jacket brown legs
Rebel - gray jacket sand color legs
Rebel - light green jacket sand color legs
Rebel - gray vest gray legs
Rebel - gray jacket gray legs
Rebel - sand color vest brown legs
Rebel - brown jacket gray legs
Rebel Officer - hoth white legs
Rebel Officer - hoth dark tan legs
Rebel Officer - hoth tan legs
Rebel Officer / Rebel Trooper - hoth printed legs
Rebel Mechanic - original
Rebel Mechanic - yellow, no hair print
Rebel Pilot - dark gray hips
Rebel Pilot - blueish gray hips
Rebel Pilot - flesh
Rebel Pilot - gold leader
Rebel Pilot - white helmet
Rebel Scout Trooper - original
Rebel Scout Trooper - pupils
Rebel Snowspeeder Pilot Zev Senesca- printed arms
Rebel Snowspeeder Gunner Kit Valent - one version
Rebel Technician - flesh
Ree-Yees - one version
Repair Droid - one version
Republic Captain - one version
Republic Pilot - one version
Republic Trooper - Jace Malcom, one version
Republic Trooper - original (according to instruction)
Republic Trooper - alternate head
Resistance Officer - three day beard
Resistance Officer - original, headset
Resistance Soldier - male
Resistance Soldier - female
Resistance Trooper - gray hands light jacket cheeklines
Resistance Trooper - gray hands light jacket moustache
Resistance Trooper - flesh hands dark jacket frown
Resistance Trooper - flesh hands dark jacket cheeklines
Resistance Trooper - flesh hands emblem jacket frown
Resistance Trooper - olive green brown knee pads dark beard
Resistance Trooper - olive green brown knee pads no chin guard
Resistance Trooper - olive green brown knee pads light beard
Rex, Captain - original
Rex, Captain - range finder
Rex, Captain - phase II armor
Rex, Captain - old
Rey - orginal, scarf and goggles
Rey - hair, sand color outfit
Rey - hair keychain
Rey - sand color arms grey outfit
Rey - sand coloured vest
Rieekan, General - original
Rieekan, General - no hoth headgear
Rocket Battle Droid - one version
Rocket Battle Droid Commander - one version
Rose - original
Rose - first order officer disguise
Rotta - one version
Royal Guard - red hands
Royal Guard - black hands
Royal Guard - dark red arms
Royal Guard - dark red arms soft cape
Rowan - original
Rowan - sand coloured legs
Sabine Wren - original
Sabine Wren - helmet
Sabine Wren - green hair
Saesee Tiin - original
Saesee Tiin - dark horns
Saesee Tiin - cape
Salacious - one version
Sandspeeder Gunner - one version
Sandspeeder Pilot - one version
Sandtrooper - re-rebreather
Sandtrooper - black pauldron
Sandtrooper - dirt orange pauldron
Sandtrooper - dirt white pauldron
Sandtrooper - dirt black pauldron
Sandtrooper - black head
Sandtrooper - black head dotted nose pattern
Satele Shan - one version
Sato, Commander - one version
Savage Opress - one version
Scarif Shoretrooper - one version
Scout Trooper - jungle armor
Scout Trooper - original
Scout Trooper - black head
Scout Trooper - new face
Scout Trooper - black and white
Sebulba - original
Sebulba - new design
Seeker Droid - one version
Senate Commando - original
Senate Commando - printed legs
Senate Commando Captain - original
Senate Commando Captain - printed legs
Sentry Droid - one version
Separatist Bounty Hunter - one version
Shaak Ti - original
Shadow ARF Trooper - one version
Shadow Guard - one version
Shadow Stormtrooper - printed legs
Shadow Trooper - original
Shahan Alana - one version
Shuttle Pilot, Imperial - original
Shuttle Pilot, Imperial - pupils
Shuttle Pilot, Imperial - pupils new buckle
Shuttle Pilot, Imperial - headset new hat
Shuttle Pilot, First Order - one version
Sith Trooper - original
Sith Trooper - black armor printed legs
Sith Trooper - red armor
Sith Warrior - one version
Skeleton - original
Skeleton - rancor pit
(T-16) Skyhopper-Pilot - original, red helmet
Skyhopper Pilot - gray helmet
Sniper Droid - one version
Snoke, Supreme Leader - one version
Snowspeeder Pilot - original
Snowspeeder Pilot - printed legs and dual face
Snowspeeder Pilot - gray helmet
Snowtrooper - logo
Snowtrooper - white hands gray hips
Snowtrooper - white hands blueish gray hips
Snowtrooper - black hands
Snowtrooper - balaclava
Snowtrooper - gray hands
Snowtrooper - new helmet and kama
Snowtrooper - new helmet no kama
Snowtrooper - new helmet no kama no powercell
Snowtrooper, First Order - original
Snowtrooper, First Order - no kama
Snowtrooper, First Order - no kama, no backpack
Snowtrooper Commander - one version
Snowtrooper Officer, First Order - one version
Special Forces Clone Trooper - one version
Special Forces Commander - one version
Speeder Pilot, Resistance - one version
Spy Droid - one version
Star Corps Trooper - original
Star Corps Trooper - no pauldrin
Starkiller - one version
Stass Allie - one version
Stormtrooper - rebels, open mouth
Stormtrooper - rebels, closed mouth
Stormtrooper - yellow head
Stormtrooper - logo
Stormtrooper - flesh head
Stormtrooper - black head
Stormtrooper - printed legs
Stormtrooper - flesh head dotted nose pattern
Stormtrooper - black head dotted nose pattern
Stormtrooper - chrome
Stormtrooper - balaclava pale face
Stormtrooper - balaclava tan face
Stormtrooper - blue markings on helmet
Stormtrooper, First Order - one version
Stormtrooper, First Order - heavy gunner
Stormtrooper, First Order - heavy gunner back pack
Stormtrooper, First Order - heavy gunner back pack extra ammo
Stormtrooper, Scarif - one version, two blue arms
Stormtrooper Officer, First Order - one version
Stormtrooper Sergeant - one version
Stormtrooper Sergeant, First Order - one version
Sugi - one version
Super Battle Droid - blaster arm
Super Battle Droid - blue
Super Battle Droid - dark pearl gray
Super Battle Droid - dark gray
T7-O1 - one version
Tactical Droid - one version
Tarfful, Chief - one version
Tarpals, Captain - one version
Tasu Leech - one version
TC-4 - one version
TC-14 - one version
Teebo - one version
Teedo - one version
Ten Numb - original, white outfit
Ten Numb - red outfit
Thi-Sen - one version
Thrawn, Admiral - one version
Thug, Unkars - one version
TIE Fighter Pilot - open helmet
TIE Fighter Pilot - rebels
TIE Fighter Pilot - brown head
TIE Fighter Pilot - redish brown head
TIE Fighter Pilot - black head
TIE Fighter Pilot - new helmet
TIE Fighter Pilot - new face
TIE Fighter Pilot - printed back
TIE Fighter Pilot - printed back and legs
TIE Fighter Pilot - printed arms
TIE Fighter Pilot - printed legs two belt boxes
TIE Fighter Pilot, First Order - original
TIE Fighter Pilot, First Order - three lines helmet
TIE Fighter Pilot, First Order - special forces
Tokkat - one version
Toryn Farr - one version
Training Remote - one version
Treadwell Droid - original
Treadwell Droid - new version
Turk Falso - one version
Tusken Raider - original, gray hips
Tusken Raider - tan hips
Tusken Raider - printed legs
U-Wing Pilot / Y-Wing Pilot - checkerboard print
U-Wing Pilot - yellow visor
Ugnaught - one version
Unkar Plutt - one version
Umbaran Soldier - one version
Utapau Trooper - 2nd Airborne markings, phase II armor
Utapau Trooper - 2nd Airborne markings, airborne armor
V-Wing Pilot - V-Wing Clone Pilot
Veers, General - original
Veers, General - no goggles
Veers, General - blue helmet
Wald - one version
Walker Driver, First Order - one version
Watto - original
Watto - new design
Wedge - original
Wedge - printed legs
Weequay - one version
Wes Janson - one version
Wicket - original
Wicket - battle of endor
Wicket - tan face pattern
Wolffe, Commander - original
Wolffe, Commander - old
Wolfpack Clone Trooper - phase I armor
Wolfpack Clone Trooper - phase II armor
Wookiee Warrior - original
Wookiee Warrior - printed legs and arm
Wookiee Warrior - printed legs, plain arms
Worker Droid - one version
Wullffwarro - one version
X-Wing Pilot, Rebel - original
X-Wing Pilot, Rebel - printed legs
X-Wing Pilot, Resistance - mother printed on helmet
X-Wing Pilot, Resistance - popsaeboo printed on helmet
Y-Wing Pilot - yellow and red markings
Yoda - original
Yoda - dark brown shirt
Yoda - clone wars
Yoda - clone wars white hair
Yoda - printed hood white hair
Yoda - printed hood gray hair
Yoda - chronicles gray hair
Yoda - chronicles white hair
Yoda - round face light green neck print
Yoda - round face dark green neck print
Yoda - santa claus
Yularen, Admiral - one version
Zam Wesell - one version
Zander - original
Zander - sand coloured vest
Zeb Orrelios - one version
Zev Senesca - original
Zin Evalon - one version

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