Set NoSet Name    new or rerelease    variant    earlier release
75295 MF: Millennium Falcon Han Solo
75299 Trouble on Tantooine The Mandalorian, The Child, Tusken Raider
75300 Imperial TIE Fighter TIE Fighter Pilot, Stormtrooper
75301 Luke Skywalkers X-Wing Fighter Luke, R2-D2, Leia, General Dodonna
KeyCh The Mandalorian The Mandalorian

second wave
75297 MF: Resistance X-Wing Poe, BB-8
75298 MF: Tauntaun vs AT-AT Luke, AT-AT Driver and a brickbuild Tauntaun
75302 Imperial Shuttle Darth Vader, Luke, Shuttle Pilot

and later
75303 UCS Set ??
75306 Imperial Probe Droid ??
75307 Statue ??
PolyB Luke Skywalker Luke
Book LEGO SW Yodas Galaxy Atlas Yoda
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